22 maja 2011

Nowy zespół!

Kimi, Bree i Lorleie nareszcie ogłosiły zmiany!
Nowy zespół nie nazywa sie juz nmd, ale DOLLFACE! ->to jest nowa nazwa! Z tego wzgledu za niedługo zmienie szablon i adres tego bloga. Ni ebede tez juz pisać nic o starych członkiniach, tzn aliyah, alissie i camille. No i Ariel.
Aktualny skład zespołu:
Breanne Oaks
Kimi Rose
Lorelei Sinco

+ 2 nowe:
Brittany Oaks, siostra Bre
Helene Britany

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+ parę wiadomości:
Dollface jest menedżerowane przez Kings of La... Wiadomosc od dziewczyn:
DOLLFACE - The latest zephyr to come from the Kings of LA camp have figured out a way to be both sweet and spicy, uber-talented and absolutely gorgeous. The five points to this multicultural star: Breanne, Brittany, Helene, Kimberly and Lorelei are ramping up to shoot out of this stratosphere and take us along for the ride! Brace yourselves...

Wiadomosc od Brittany:
Hey Hey Hey! Just wanted to update everyone:) After thinking long and hard about my future this week, I have finally made a decision<3 Two days ago, I officially joined the all girl group "Dollface." The group was originally known as NMD, but with some changes and the addition of myself and Helene, the group is now complete. Everyone welcomed me in with open arms and I am so thankful for that. It wasn't easy for me to have to make so many changes in my life in just a few days, but I am very happy to be where I am now! For so long I was constantly trying to spare everyone else's feelings and carrying burdens that weren't my own. Yet, there comes a time where you have to stop and care for yourself. That is exactly what I have done:) I must say that I am so excited to finally be working with my sister! It's meant to be and a dream come true for me<3 Thank you to everyone who has always supported me and I can't wait for everyone to hear/see what we have coming! Stay tuned:)

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