27 grudnia 2010

Nowa wiadomość od Ariel

Opinions & Judgment

It seems we have some issues once again for my Girls NMD and my former band mates Dest and Par. Before I start I want everyone to know where my heart is on all of the TRASH talk about both sides. See for me there are no sides. I Love my new group No More Drama, Kimi, Breanne, Laurelei & Aliyah, & I Love Destinee and Paris. I grew up with them and learned how to be in a group with them and was very successful at it for many years. Did it work out for us? No, but everything happens for a reason and we are still friends today and fully support each other. With the formation of the NEW NMD, trust me when I tell you everyone is all better off now. We all wish the departed NMD girls the best and have moved forward with Breanne and Laurelei and things could not be more perfect. Like I said everything happens for a reason. Just like it takes time to put a puzzle together it takes time to put a group together and we have done that and feel complete & confident with the new NMD. Ok so some of you dont always like our clothes, or our makeup, or why do some of us wear hair extensions? Because we want to. The way you feel about all these things are your Opinions and you are allowed to have and Voice them all you want. But when it comes to being NASTY and calling people names and pointing our a persons flaws thats when it turns into JUDGING someone and its not an Opinion anymore. I loved Destinee's and Paris's Video of them singing Christmas songs and I thought they looked beautiful. Thats my Opinion. Just like I loved our" NMD's" Outfits and makeup at our last performance. Also how I feel, and my Opinion. There are ways of being nice about something if you dont like it. Its called corrective criticism and thats not a bad thing. It helps people improve in areas that they can fix and make better. But when you are calling someone out and being like I said NASTY about it its wrong and it will come back to you. Do yourself a favor and find something nice to say about others or just like the old saying go's " DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL" . My Group No More Drama, and Destinee and Paris have a big year ahead of us where we each have lots of great things happening so lets support everyone and remember to be kind, or be Quiet. Hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday and that you all also have a BOMB 2011 just like all of us girls. Thanks you for all of the support and keep looking out for more Music and VIdeos coming your way. Love, Peace and Blessings to all!


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