11 lutego 2011

Parę informacji o Alissie-Mae

Alissa-Mae napisała na swoim Tumblr parę ciekawych rzeczy. Niektóre myślę, że powinniście przeczytać:

  1. i never did day 6.

  1. i love giving advice. and i get asked a lot of advice for relationships, and sometimes i can’t take my own advice. 
  2. i think i have a slight social anxiety. There are only two places that make me scared and you can see it on my face. And most of the people that go there, scare me so much, i actually get scared and hide behind the people that i came there with. 
  3. Im not as confident as i seem. The only time i really find myself confident, or seem that im confident, is when im on stage. but before getting on stage, im shaking and freaking out. I’m probably one of the most insecure people you’ll ever know.
  4. When im with friends, i barely talk. and i don’t know why. i think its because i have nothing to talk about because im not with them everyday at school with them and don’t see them all the time. 
  5. I have a lot of friends but when i come home i only hang out with the ones im super super close with. except for tricia, i really wanna hang with her since we’ve never hung out before but she never gets to hang out ):
  6. Im a strong person and i can take things, but there are certain things that you say to me that can make me cry within seconds.
  7. I am stressed out everyday of my life. 
  8. I’ve come to the point where if you piss me off i will go off and check you. 
  9. I wish i had stronger voice and a better body. 
  10. Destinee Soleil and Krista parisa are the only 2 people i can trust with everything.
  11. im actually very close with my parents and all of my family and i actually hang out with my parents more than i do with friends.
  12. I lose weight really easily
  13. I wish i didn’t affiliate myself with certain people and i regret being with those certain people.
  14. I love computers.
  15. Im afraid of dying
  16. im afraid of losing the ones i love 
  17. i want my old body back 
  18. i learned to play piano and guitar a little bit, but i never followed through. i wish i did though.
  19. I want to start a photography business with my dad when im older
  20. i love dogs
  21. i love gays and bi’s and lesbians and i hang out with them pretty much everyday. most of my dancer friends are gay or bi or lesbian and they are some of the most talented people i have ever seen.
  22. i envy amazing dancers.
  23. i hate backstabbers, liars, fakes, wannabes, two faced people, people who have everything and dont deserve it AT ALL. 
  24. i wish i was a better fighter.
  25. im not a mean person. not at all. i will only be rude to you if you are rude to me. im actually a good person. 
  26. i’ve wanted a dog for the past 12 years
  27. im a relationship type of person
  28. i envy girls who have flawless skin, perfect hair, and a gorgeous eye color.
  29. im super protective over my close friends and my family. 
  30. you can talk all you want about me, but if you talk about my family or friends i WILL go off on you.

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